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5 Tips for Buying an Indoor Bike Trainer

Buying an indoor bike trainer need not be complicated.  Here are 5 tips for buying an indoor bike trainer.

To an avid biker, when it rains and snows you ypou need to find a way top cotinue on with your biking routines. If you have an indoor bike trainer there is no need to despair.

With the indoor bike trainer you can still bike yourself to fitness even during bad weather.

The indoor bike trainer, also refered to as an exercise bike stand,  is a device that allows you to mount your road bike on it so that you can use your bike indoors.

With this device you can even still enjoy uphill or downhill biking motion by varying the resistance level on your bike.

Also with the use of this wonderful invention, you can enjoy working out indoors even when the weather is fine but you can’t spare the time to go somewhere. With just twenty minutes every day, you will have made the necessary steps toward having the best body you’ve ever had.

Bike TrainerThere are many models of this device so that there is tendency to get confused as to what sort of product you will want to acquire for yourself. So here are tips that you can use to be able to buy the best bike trainer for indoor use.

The first thing that you should think about is the choice between the two types of trainers that are available in the market today. The two are: mechanical resistance type indoor trainers and the roller type indoor trainers.

If you are a first time buyer, you can opt for the easier to handle mechanical resistance type because its very secure frame guarantees a safe ride for the first time user due to the fact that the rear wheels will be locked.

With the roller type trainer, you will have to learn how to balance yourself on the thing, which can be intimidating to some first time users of indoor trainers.

The second consideration would be to learn about the resistance levels on such machines: fan, magnet, fluid, centrifugal trainer, and electronic trainers. Fan trainers are the cheapest but if you can deal with the noise why not?

For a smooth and quiet ride, you can opt for the magnet type and if you want the type of machine that is closer to reality, you should buy the fluid type but beware because of the three they are the most expensive. The centrifugal trainer is the latest design to come out in the market today, which is designed to make the pedal pushing feel more natural.

Lastly electronic indoor trainers as the name implies uses an electromagnetic system on its brakes. If you expense is not an issue and want a high tech machine, this is the one for you because it comes with software and can be interfaced with your personal computer.

The third tip is to consider the make and construction of the model you are planning to buy. The reason for this is so that the trainer will adequately support the weight of the bike combined with your weight. If you opt for the expensive kind, you will have a heavier product but is more stable as compared to the cheaper brands.

The fourth tip in buying the best indoor bike trainer in the market today is to consider folding models because they require lesser storage space, they can be easily pushed under the bed or in that space in between your cabinet and the wall.

The last tip is to consider your budget and how you will use your machine, this should be function versus budget. If you are on a tight budget you can opt for cheaper models but the trade off is again the noise and performance. On the other hand, if you’re serious cyclist who trains cross-country or is prepping for races then you should consider the last two types of resistance for an indoor bike trainer already mentioned above.