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How an Indoor Bike Trainer Can Help You Lose Weight Fast

The time of the year when the days grow shorter and temperatures go to freezing point signals the time when most people will find difficulty in keeping up with their biking activities due to cold weather and/or snow but this problem can be solved when these bikers will acquire an indoor bike trainer.

Maintaining fitness levels should be the prime concern of any person all throughout the year and if you are a biker you should consider exercising indoors with the help of an indoor bike trainer during the colder months so as not to put to waste the time and effort spent exercising during the warmer months.

But what is an indoor bike trainer, how do you make it work, it’s benefits, and how can it help you to lose weight fast? These are quite common questions for those who are not in the know and we will try to answer this for you.

lose weight with a bike trainerThe bike trainer is a device that allows you to convert your very own bicycle or road bike into an exercise machine that you can use indoors. It’s very easy to convert your regular bike into a stationary exercise bike, just follow the instructions on how to mount it on the trainer and instantly you can then begin to exercise all throughout the winter season without your bike moving from where it is standing.

One of the benefits of owning this device is the fact that you will be able to save cash because don’t have to buy another bulky indoor stationary bike. Also aside from making you healthy, with this device you will be able to build endurance and strength. However the overall benefit of using this to substitute outdoor biking with biking indoors to make you lose weight fast.

Speaking of losing weight fast, how can this device help you with this problem? The answer is quite simple, you just have to be aware that aside from the ordinary cycling motion there are specific exercises that you can do while riding your bike.

What’s really great with using the bike trainer for indoors as an exercise tool is that fact that it is extremely low impact. With this you can be sure that your joints are well protected from injuries unlike what happens when you use a treadmill.

To lose weight fast all you need is just 45 minutes of using your bike. With this length of time according to research, you will be able to burn around 400 to 600 calories in a relaxed and easier way because you need not shift focus every time to avoid traffic or if you are a mountain trail, to avoid low lying branches.

In order for you to lose weight fast you need to burn more calories. To do be able to do this while using the indoor bike trainer you need to increase the resistance level instead of just biking on the most comfortable and easiest level. Your goal here should be to pedal at 70 to 80 revolutions per minute.

riding a bike trainerOne of the problems with working out is when you reach a plateau and the exercise becomes boring that you don’t feel motivated to do it anymore. To spice it up, another way is to pedal at a considerably faster velocity for about two minutes in every ten minutes of easy pedaling.

Another tip is to add ankle weights to make the workout more interesting. Of course you should start with the lightest weight because you immediately start with something heavier you might want to quite the exercise as soon as you start pedaling.

The idea with ankle weights is for increasing your strength as you are losing weight. When you are comfortable pedaling with that weight on your ankles you can then start gradually increasing the amount of weight carried by your ankles.

There you have it who says you can’t spice up how you can use the indoor bike trainer to achieve that slimmer figure in no time? Certainly you must spice up your exercise bike routine to avoid falling into boredom before you can even feel you lost weight.