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How to Get Maximum Results From an Indoor Bike Trainer in the Least Amount of Time

The indoor bike trainer has proven to be a great help to those who are into biking as a form of exercise.

Many people have taken up cycling as a form of exercise because it is low impact as compared to jogging or walking.

However there are times when biking outdoor is impossible because of bad weather. However with the use of an indoor bike trainer cycling with your own bike becomes possible anytime inside your home.

The indoor bike trainer just in case you are wondering what this is, is a piece of equipment that allows you to use your own road bike indoors. With this device, you can just prop your bike on it and start your biking exercise routine without the bike moving forward.

Indoor Bike TrainerAlso referred to as an exercise bike stand, this allows you go cycling in all weather conditions at any time you wish. Cycling using the trainer will also allow you to change gears and also ups your heart rate as you would when you cycle outdoors.

If you want to slim down but find that going to the gym is a daunting experience, this device will be a great help to you. Many people do find that going to the gym is quite intimidating because of all the gears, weights, and other contraptions that cause confusion.

With the bike trainer you will have a regular bike that you can readily transform using an indoor bike trainer in an instant. A great thing because operating the machine is that it will be easy because you are not required to read complicated user manuals.

Aside from those benefits the best thing about the bike trainer is the health benefits it gives a person. Aside from those who want to lose weight, those who have arthritic joints can find a great exercise tool in the bike trainer because biking is a low impact exercise.

Other health benefits include improving circulation, increasing the oxygen that gets into the internal organs, and the strengthening of the heart. There is also the toning benefit of using the bike trainer for indoors. Varying the level of resistance allows you to tone your legs and even your arms, giving you well defined muscles which will make you look good in those clothes you’ve been trying to fit into.

To be able to get the maximum results with the use of the bike trainer for indoor use, you will have to use the bike regularly for a minimum time of just 45 minutes. With this time you will be able to burn around 400 to 600 calories.

Here are some exercises that will help you get the maximum results that you crave for as you ride your bike indoors.

Exercise Number 1:

Do a 30-minute warm up on the bike then do 2 sets of 4-minute time trial power output or (TTP) using easy spin at 10 watts. Reduce the 4 minutes TTP to 3 minutes with the same 10 watts with easy spinning once again do 2 sets of this.

Lastly do 2 sets with the 3 minutes reduced to 2 minutes using the same wattage and easy spin.

Exercise Number 2:

Warm up for 10 to 15 minutes but for the first half use easy spinning. For the second half change gears for a more challenging warm up. After warming up, do sprints for 15 to 30 seconds then do spin slowly for 45 seconds to allow your muscles to recover. Do this for 15 minutes and then recover for 5 minutes.

Then do 60 one-minute intervals of the previous exercise with a recover time of 90 seconds. After that do relaxed cycling on your indoor bike trainer for 10 minutes.