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How To Shed Pounds Fast Before the Holidays with an Indoor Bike Trainer

The holidays are just around the corner and that usually means that exercise routines get pushed into the deepest corners of the mind unless you own an indoor bike trainer.

Further, with the holidays come extra food, parties, and the like so that lesser time is spent working out. 

In order to preserve a trim figure exercise should be just as important before the holidays as during the holidays.

Especialy if you don't want to be carrying around extra weight when the new year rolls around, you need to keep exercising.

Using an indoor bike trainer to do cycling indoors is a great way to keep exercised and shed off unwanted pounds fast--all in the comfort of your home.

This device is the answer to your exercise and fitness routine when you can’t bike outdoors because it is generally cheaper than the true exercise bike that you can find at the gym. Another benefit is that you can convert your own outdoor bicycle into an indoor exercise bike that you can readily use for losing that flabby stomach.

lose weight fastJust hop on your bicycle, which should be sitting on the trainer, or exercise bike stand, as it is also called and pedal your way to health and fitness indoors.

What’s great about this device is that you can still get the same type of workout indors that you get when using your bike outdoors.

Although you can just sit on your bike and pedal away, this is not the best way to use your bike trainer because later on you’ll feel burned out and not feel like exercising anymore.

However, don’t fret because there are of exercises that you can do using this device and this article lists some.

As a warning note, before you go on pedaling always remember to do stretching exercises first to prevent injuries.

1. Pedaling On One Leg

indoor bike trainerThis exercise builds leg muscles that you need to be able to the other indoor bike trainer exercises that will be presented later. To be able to get the maximum benefits of this type of exercise, you must always maintain a smooth and uniform pedaling motion and a pedaling speed or what is called cadence of about 60 revolutions per minute.

You will need to place a chair or a stool beside your bike it is where you will be putting the leg you’re not going to exercise. Starting with the leg you want to concentrate on start pedaling for about 1 minute after that pedal with both feet for 1 to 2 minutes to give time for your other leg to recover.

Do the same process to the other leg. It is safe to alternate both legs until they feel fatigued.

2. Interval Rides

This is another indoor bike trainer exercise that will help you burn fat before the holidays fully kick in. For this exercise, you are going to increase your exertion in short intervals of thirty seconds or up to two minutes and then recovering for various times during the whole exercise duration.

For interval ride exercises to be more effective in burning more fat which in turn leads to weight loss, you may try adding resistance.

3. Uphill Climb Exercise

This last exercise in this list helps burn fat requiring you to increase the resistance on your exercise bike in such a way that you are simulating what happens when you go uphill. By varying the resistance, you can also simulate the feeling of going in between hills that is uphill-downhill- then back again.

There you go, those are the exercises that you can do on your indoor bike trainer. Getting yourself in shape before the holidays is important in helping you avoid gaining too much weight with all the eating and partying that are a psrt of all holidays.