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Killer Exercises Using an Indoor Bike Trainer to Get a Flat Belly

Having a flat belly is the dream of every health buff. There are many advantages to having a flat belly.

One of those advantages is of course how it improves your your self-esteem and how people look at you.

What you will learn here are killer execises using and indoor bike trainer to get a flat belly.

Let’s face it carrying excess weight all around can take its toll not only to our physical health but also to our emotional state.

Many people develop feelings of insecurity because they can’t seem to get rid of the excess fat especially around the waistline.  Not to mention the ill health problems excess fat causes.

If you want to have a flat belly, you should be prepared to do what it takes to achieve this goal and that is to eat sensibly. However good eating habits are not enough, exercise should be included in this routine because let’s face it belly fat is the hardest fat to melt away.

How to Get a Flat Belly With an Indoor Bike TrainerThere are numerous exercises that are targeted at melting away that excess fat and most involve jogging and biking.

However, not too many people are fond of jogging for various reasons and so we are left with outdoor biking.  This is a preferred exercise over jogging because it not only melts fat all over the body (not just the belly area) but also it has less impact to the knees compared to jogging.

Outdoor biking may be one of the best exercises that you can do, the thing is during stormy weather, rainy days, and all throughout the winter season you can’t exactly do this. With an indoor bike trainer, you will be able to perform this exercise activity while in the warrmth and safety of your home.

The indoor bike trainer, also called an exercise bike stand, is a device that allows you to perform biking activities while being stationary. It is not the same as an exercise bike that you can commonly find at the gym because this type of biking uses your own bike.

By simply propping your mountain bike on the indoor bike trainer your bike becomes stationary which is better than the conventional stationary bikes that you can find at the gym because this one has all the elements that you need to be able to perform the same kind of biking only you are indoors.

In case you’re wondering what sort of exercises can be performed on the indoor bike trainer to help you get that flat belly, here is a short list and how you can perform them properly.

1. Simple Cardio Workout

This exercise is good for those who are new or have little or no experience at all in exercising. Warm up should be done first by pedaling for about 3 minutes using the least resistance of the bike.

After that time, increase resistance then pedal for about 4 minutes. The proper resistance setting is that when you pedal away, you can still carry on a descent conversation.

Lastly cool down by gradually lessening the resistance until you return to the comfortable pace that you started with. You can now pedal away for 3 minutes and that totals your effort to about 10 minutes.

2. Biking Uphill

This indoor bike workout is performed while you are either seated or standing and this can be done by adjusting with the resistance of your bike to imitate what you will do in a real life uphill climb. First visualize your favorite uphill path then remain seated while you are still running on plain ground but as you see in your mind that you’re approaching the hill, stand up as you pedal your way to the top of the hill.

Still getting the cue from your mind’s eye, once you’ve reached the top of the hill you can reduce resistance on your bike. After that visualize that you are going downhill. If you wish, you can repeat this process for as many times as desired.

3. Aerobic Exercise On Your Bike Trainer

This is simply done by biking for 20 to 30 minutes everyday. This burns approximately 300 calories per day perfect for burning fat, and losing weight to get the perfect flat belly in not time. This activity best done while listening to your favorite music play list for you to prevent boredom.